Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Sell Sheet

For BGDL contest I had to design a Sell Sheet for the game...
Criteria is:
Sell Sheet is 8.5 by 11 page that includes contact info, the hook, pictures of the game on the table,

Sell Sheet Definition (21:27-24:45): One page visual resume that summarizes your game and makes it memorable to the publisher. Key facts should be included, as you would find in the pitch:
  • Bullet points of the mechanic of the game. Write out the events that it has been play tested at.
  • Put your credits of other published games (on the back of the sell sheet).
  • Leave at least half of the back blank for publishers to take notes.
  • Have a picture of the game laid out, like you see in kickstarters, all the components displayed.
  • If there is a unique component or mechanic that should be displayed too (examples around 24:20).
  • Half of the sell sheet should be images and the other half should be text. Do not make a wall of text!
  • Short bullet point and overview of your game.
  • Contact information

I am not completely done, but here is a first try ... Using Photoshop!

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