Monday, April 30, 2018

Fun Da Mental Games

Fun Da Mental Games is the name I decided on for my personal gaming business.

It is now official through the local business office, which does have an expense to go along with it but helps to legitimize what I am trying to do, and provides additional options later on when it comes to advertising, earning Kickstarter funds, and creating a business bank account separate from my own personal accounts.

These are all things highly suggested through the various podcasts/articles I have exposed myself to, and helps to build a professional profile for a true business.

As part of the BGDL game idea submission I have also created a business card to accompany it, as per the below.

Looking forward to developing Legends of Novus, and Dragon's Fate, as the first two company games over the expanse of this year.

Dragon's Fate will be a very simple, single player card game with minimalistic art and a low budget/cost to the consumer.

Legends of Novus is to be an artistic, enjoyable adventure game for 2-5 players (maybe even a solo option).  It will cost much more due to art, game board, tokens, and a game box.

The future is exciting if I can make these two games come to life!

Fun, Fantasy, Strategy.  That is what Fun Da Mental Games is all about.

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