Monday, July 15, 2019

KS Relaunch Success

I haven't posted since starting the Relaunch, but with all of the time spent sharing/commenting/promoting/etc, its hard to find time to do anything else.
The good news is... the Relaunch exceeded the funding goal, and even exceeded the original campaigns higher funding goal!
One of the best ways to see how a campaign performed is through Kicktraq, or through Bigger Cake (  Have a look if you want to see some details.

I am very thankful for running a shorter campaign, just 17 days, and for all the amazing support of many determined backers in the campaign.
I attribute the improved funding and awareness to the following things:

1- The initial launch provided me with over 400 contacts that regularly use Kickstarter.  By being able to direct message them for the relaunch, this helped make Day 1 very strong (over $10,000 CAD).  A few of those were Superbackers, and regular commenters that encouraged Kicktraq and sharing.

2- More awareness from high profile reviewers (ie Tantrum and DiceTower).  This was a heavy investment, but for this campaign I feel it was worth it.  Perhaps the game would have been fine without Tantrum, but I honestly believe the DT preview video generated a lot of interest.

3- The sharing of the campaign by people I have helped with their games.  Whether it was their rules, their mechanics, or doing videos of their games on TTS, they were very appreciative.  Many of these individuals backed my game, and shared on Twitter and FB and IG.  Their extended reach direct to gamers helped with early and late awareness.

So, how could this info help future game designers?  Pretty simple.  First find a way to get email contacts of people who WANT your kind of game.  Don't buy or spam for contacts, but find ways to genuinely interact with people that like what you have as a them.  Second is to create a budget for marketing beyond just spammy FB posts.   Yes, the posts are high engagement, but the personal touch that professional reviewers can provide is more genuine.  And third, help others often and without expectations of payment.  Don't even mention wanting their help with your KS, leave it to them to say they want to help you, then mention your KS.

Now I am on to assembling useable templates and getting art completed.  The next four months of file prep, and other designs, will be challenging but fulfilling as it helps finalize parts of the game.

I am thoroughly excited about sharing more of Novus with over 600 people, in particular the Art Book and the 5E Adventure PDF.  More story time!

Heres the main ad that was shared in the last half of the campaign, focused on some of the best art in the game and basics to catch a browsers eye.