Sunday, April 29, 2018

Revising Timelines

A while back I planned some basic timelines for Legends of Novus, before I had spent countless hours reading articles, listening to podcasts, watching Kickstarter successes and failures, and interacting with the facebook game communities.
Now that I have developed a greater awareness of the scope of board game making (anyone could throw together a crappy game, but I mean a GOOD board game), I am updating my personal goals for game creation for LoN...

By end of April 2018 - Creatures reformatted to new design... I have about ten left to do, so those will be done by end of day tomorrow. Achieved!!

By May 1st - Also finish Sell Sheet and submit my Game Design to BGDL for the contest.  Achieved!!

By May 10th - All Classes reformatted to new design

By May 15th - All Location cards reformatted to new design

By May 30th - All Reward cards reformatted to new design

By June 15th - All Adventure cards reformatted to new design

These are aggressive timelines, given that every single card is being managed individually in Photoshop then applied to InDesign for proper manufacture file settings.  I am sure there is a faster and more efficient method, but I believe it would require coding knowledge that I am not ready to acquire at this point in time.

I recently created QUEST creatures that can be sought out on the gameboard map, rather than random encounters with extremely difficult creatures... here are the QUEST creatures:

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