Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Figuring out Adobe

Well, if you have read prior posts you will know I tried to get many different applications to work in the development of this game.
Turns out Photoshop is just the be all end all of design...
InDesign is great, but to best pair up with talented artists in a digital world, Photoshop is the easiest point of contact/transference.

I have now begun retemplating all of my card files in a Photoshop file, designed by the talented Lead Artist, so that I can progress with new playtest cards for the next phase of game testing.
I am confident that the base game design is very functional, so I think with these enhanced image cards it will  go a long way to the "feel" of the game.

It is still critical to transfer to InDesign afterwards, but that can be done with an Export to JPEG then a Place of JPEG into the ID template, then exported once more as a PDFx.  The quality is looking pretty fine, so I think this may be the final method of card creation.

Also, new Website design!  Andrea Butera, the lead artist, has been willingly pouring his talent into this game and I could not be happier with what he is bringing to Novus.

I am very excited about the future possibilities of this game now that I feel the card design is back on track and the art is progressing very well!!!

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