Sunday, April 8, 2018

An Artist who share a passion for Fantasy

During my quest to build this game, build this world, and share it with others I have met a very talented artist from Italy.
I discovered Andrea by searching the Artstation website for fantasy related images.  Although his page did not have a ton of art, it had some good concepts and what I felt was great potential.

Have a look:

Finding an artist is only the beginning though.  From there you need to be able to feel comfortable discussing your project with them, seeing if they even have an interest in a multi-art project, and ordering some example/individual art to see what they are capable of on-demand.

I am very happy to say Andrea is a true Fantasy fan, who seems to enjoy the world I am creating, and can create some pretty solid creature art in a short amount of time.  Together we have agreed to a total of 15 cards to get the game images developed for a potential Kickstarter promotion later this year.  Based on how these turn out, Andrea could very well become the complete game artist (with one of his friends) for this creation, which I think would be fantastic in terms of supporting a budding new artist in another part of the world.

Below are a few examples of his sketches/coloring so far, which I am very pleased with!  Thank you Andrea for replying to my initial email, and working within my budget to help change this game from an idea to a reality!

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