Friday, April 20, 2018

Beginnings of a Business

As I get deeper and deeper into my plans for board game design, and publication later on, I need to establish a business strategy and communication path for those I plan to interact with.

One of these requirements is a business name... for that I have decided on:

Fun Da Mental Games

Fundamental is a great word, and broken down into three words helps make it unique, and creates some meaning behind the word, ie Fun and Mental (the Da can be interpreted however you wish;)

A business card is also needed, so for now I have created an online business card via the free option in Evaunt:
Time to put some time and energy into today's announcement, a BGDL game design challenge for 2018, the first of its kind!  I like the design stages Gabe has put into place and am looking forward to creating a prototype game in time for the deadline (provided I make it through his first and second round cuts for best game designs!).

This will take even more time and energy than I had planned in such a short timespan, but the visibility it will provide to gamers, and the feedback that the game could receive to make it better, is well worth the effort in my mind!

Question is... Can I design BOTH a single player game AND this game for both of the challenges now in place?  Time will tell....

Here is another piece of art being developed for Legends of Novus though, more great effort from Andrea Butera!

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