Sunday, April 1, 2018

Problems with GameCrafter Prototype

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I had placed an order for a preliminary game through GameCrafter.  It turns out they look closely at all files and determined that some of my cards had images not approved for use (example, one magic helmet had a helmet from an iconic video game).

Looks like I have to create more generic images in order to print some real cards, or I could keep using sleeved printouts until I have more playtesting data to work with.

One more obstacle to overcome!

Currently I am working on establishing a cost analysis for pre-Kickstarter investment costs, and post-Kickstarter game costs.  Other than game production, the most significant cost will be the Art.  I am trying to work with talented artists at discounted rates to provide a few sample cards for the kickstarter project (a few of each card type is enough to show backers what they can expect to see in the finished game, and how the basic turns work with real-card examples).

One artist provided me with a preview of her art, since it is not quite finished yet and we haven't finalized payment, I will not announce her name just yet, but I do plan to post the image and name of the first few pieces of commissioned art as I feel recognition is important for these talented individuals.

Personally, I think she is very talented and I am looking forward to the finished product, and seeing what she can do with the Hydra card as well!

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