Sunday, April 15, 2018

GameSmiths Review

A while ago I reached out to GameSmiths to have some official playtesting completed, rather than rely solely on volunteers to maybe give feedback.  This group has done this many many times for many many games.
It was a small investment, but well worth it!  I would highly recommend this group to review any game before going into KS or mass production!
Below is an excerpt of the Facebook post I sent to the group to thank them...

Thank you GameSmiths for the excellent service you provided. From the pre-game review where you read the rules and talked out the game setup and turn sequence, to the in-depth complete play through of the game (loved hearing the pain when the Remove Curse actually had a negative impact on one character!), to the final Design Review video. You guys were detailed, passionate, professional, and yet still had some fun and laughs with each other. I would highly recommend your team to anyone seeking to get solid feedback and suggestions on a game before attempting to launch it to a broader audience or kickstart it. Based on your feedback, and others, I have some great ideas on what can be done to polish off areas of the game in the future!

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