Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I think it's a sign...

Today, like everyday since I began this Game Development adventure, I was listening to a podcast.  
It was about a "Super Backer" on kickstarter and what he looks for in new games.
One of the things that came up was the Creators history, as it pertains to prior game creations, successfully backed projects, and what the creator has themselves backed in the past.
This alone was good to hear, but then in a different podcast from another group I heard how important it is for a game designer to have their first game be a low-key project with low costs, to at least get through one successful game launch to understand production, shipping, customer discussion, etc.

Then, while browsing through the different Facebook groups about games that I am now a part of I saw a post from GameCrafter about their latest game design challenge... a Solo Game Challenge.

Given that I encountered all three of these messages this morning while going about dishes, cleaning, cooking, and travelling to do other tasks (Library, Haircut, Doctor visit), I took it as a sign.

I need to make a small game before I try to take on this bigger game project that I am so excited about.  Legends of Novus IS going to be a great game, and it's going to generate a ton of backers and a legacy... I can just feel it.  But its not the right time yet.

So, plans/agenda is shifting a bit.  I am still going to work on LoN, it is near and dear to my heart and I want to share it with the world, and will spend time on it to develop the cards/files on InDesign to prepare for the future while also playtesting.  But...

I am going to create a Solo Game that is 100% card based, no dice/tokens/maps/meeples/etc.  This keeps the cost as cheap as possible, and makes it faster for production and easier to ship.  The game idea, when complete, will be created in GameCrafter so that it is eligible for the contest (which offers some fair rewards and recognition in the gaming community).
The game can also be submitted to Kickstarter, which I would set at a relatively low funding goal to make sure it launches.  The game will already be ready for production, and would just need backer funding to be able to purchase the quantities.
This develops my reputation, gets my game company name out there, and provides me with some hands on experience with the KS platform and all that goes along with post-game production/shipping.

What is the game idea you ask?  I spent most of the day (after the Signs merged this morning) wracking my brain for some ideas and I believe I have one that is pretty interesting...  More on that in the days/weeks to come...
A little hint - its based on a Dragon

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