Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tabletopia continues

Many, many, many hours later I have been able to complete the basic template of my game into digital card format on Inkscape/PNGs.
As I have progressed I tied it all into Tabletopia to show the images and test card drawing and other functions.  Being new to the application, this is very painful to develop both physically on the screen and mentally trying to stay engaged in making it come to life.
Often I have ideas in my head on how it should work out, but as I try to integrate the cards/sizes it doesn't pan out the same.  I refuse to give up though, based on my initial "Playroom" views I think this online playtest method can do wonders for the development of the game that I would not be able to experience in real life, in a small town with limited playtesting time with real people.

Attached is a screenshot of an example character with items equipped about to battle a Giant Spider.  Disregard my "Hand" as the draw a card function seems glitchy so I need to find some tech support to correct that.

Looking forward to my first playtesting session, hopefully on Wednesday sometime!

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