Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Game Name Change

Would you believe there is a card based fantasy game called Heroes of Karth... What are the chances.  I just happened to visit the Gamecrafter website today and saw their logo staring me down.  I will have to brainstorm on a new game world name, although I still want to keep the Heroes game prefix.

Oh well.  After today I was able to complete sheets for Characters, Creatures, and Encounter cards.  Seem to be on a roll now, should have them done by the end of the week and ready to print.  Its nice to get the little feelings of accomplishment as the weeks and weeks of long hours at the laptop start to come together into something concrete.
Right now I don't have an official card backing, will have to get that figured out fairly soon as well as it is the most seen image in a card based game.  It needs to look appealing, but have meaning to the game in some way.

Here's a few card sheet examples...  Note that some of the art is not copyright free, so it would not be used for commercial use for final prints, just for playtesting purposes.

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