Thursday, March 22, 2018

Now Entering Facebook

Its time to try and get connected.  There is a huge pool of amazing gamers interconnected through facebook groups, now that the game is fully playtestable its time to reach out and see if anyone has the time or interest for this game.
Living in a small town makes it difficult to reach a large group of established gamers, so I will be relying on the Print and Play option, as well as the Tabletopia version I have put together.  I've reached out to the Tabletopia support contact to see if I can publish the game to the public to increase visibility, and accessibility.
The next project involves creating a few sets of the game via Gamecrafter, or another game creator, depending on costs.  Once I have a few physical copies it opens the door to reach out to LGS's that have regular board gaming sessions, to see if they have an interest in it.

The fun never ends!  Excited to see the progression and hoping to get some more feedback on the games theme, mechanics, and fairness.

The three that I have requested to join to start with are:
Calgary and Area Tabletop Gamers
Red Deer Board Game Enthusiasts
Tabletop Game Playtesters Guild

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