Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Feedback Matters, How will I get it?

If there is one thing I hear and read about more than anything in Articles and Podcasts, it is that player feedback matters.  Playtesting matters.  Playtesting generates feedback, some very tough criticism, some great positive notes, but no matter what it is, it's important.
I want to know what people feel about the game, from right now in its very early creation period, to the time it hits its Kickstarter launch, all through production, and after its fully printed and completed.

I figure the best way to do that is to encourage people to playtest it, and give them a channel through which to provide that feedback.  I plan to do this in a few ways...
  • Verbal Feedback, taking it right from the players mouths (when I get a chance for face to face playtesting with them).  This includes family/friends, but more important is when it comes from experienced gamers that are strangers, and from blind playtesting.
  • Website Comments and Emails.  A thank you card will be given to anyone playtesting the game, which invites them to email me and visit the website I am developing for the game.
  • Game Surveys... as I get emails I hope to create surveys on Google to ask some basic questions about the gameplay, visuals, mechanics, etc to see what the general results are.  The data it creates is easy to analyze, to see how the majority of players feel about the questions.
It all starts on Friday with the games first Blind Playtest at my local game store, Pandora's Boox & Tea.  Its a great little book and game store / tea and coffee shop located in Olds, Alberta, Canada.  I have spent many a Friday night there, and played in a few of their PreRelease MTG events, always a good time.

Below is the Thank You card that will be in with the game...

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