Thursday, March 15, 2018

Page Files completed!

My official prototype card pages are complete!  Took a while to get it all made up into a fair looking card set, and while there will definitely be further development, at least this allows me to start reaching out for potential Print & Play playtesters on Board Game Geek or other avenues.
Throughout the card making process many alterations were made to card stats and rulings, in an effort to improve on obstacles found in the first few weeks of the games development.

Now there will need to be a revamp to the rulebook as well, such as the introduction of Icons on items to identify what classes can equip certain items (this is to reduce rules text on cards and affiliate certain items with certain classes at a glance).  This was a suggestion I had heard on a podcast which I think is some solid advice for any card game.

See below for a few more card files, it is what I am referring to as Cardset A (or Alpha since it is the first official ready to print set).

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