Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ready for First Alpha Print

After some long nights (and long mornings) I think its time to print the actual cards I made (instead of playing with the MSE cards I made in February).  The plan for the next phase of physical game testing is to print a batch at staples, do physical playtesting for a week or so, and do digital playtesting if anyone is willing via the Tabletopia file I had made.
After that, a few last minute changes can be done to stats and abilities, then I plan to send playtesting files to GameSmiths, a group of gamers down South who will test out the game for a small fee and provide video and feedback on the gameplay and performance.
I know that the game needs work, and it might be a bit early to try that, but I would rather get mechanic/power level info from some hardcore gamers early on in the process instead of after its too late.
Their playtest date is for April 10th, and I have to get the game to them by April 2nd, so the time crunch is on to make that happen.  Looking forward to it though, it can only make the game better...

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