Sunday, March 25, 2018

Art Failure #1

Well, after spending a fair chunk of my day trying to understand Krita, and attempting to sketch then color/texturize my bear, the result is a pretty sad looking card.  I am certain I could do much better work than this, however the time it will take to do this is extreme.
Finding and hiring a talented artist or two that can do better work than me, in a fraction of the time, is the only way making a game is going to work.
I will still make some attempts at equipment, but when it comes to people or animals, like this bear, I feel I am not at all qualified for such a task.
Just doing this bear image took me a total of about 3 hours of time... and it's not a card I would be proud of or willing to produce.
But it does give me even more respect for the wonderful artists that are out there.   There was a budding artist I am in contact that might be willing to create some digital creatures for me, and next month there is a contact I have made that is interested in doing some character art, so all is not lost!

See below for the bear... after the three and some hours I decided not to spend anymore time detailing, and did not bother with the background as I didn't feel the image would be used anyhow.
I do, however, love the Krita application and look forward to trying it for other images that don't require as much fur and shading as a bear does!

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