Sunday, March 25, 2018

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Since I am trying to get playtesters on board to try out this fun little game of mine, I thought a more eye catching image was in order.
Decided to do a mock setup of a two player game on my table, with my Dragon letter opener that I bought from a flea market about 15 years as a mascot for the display ;)
The image helps showcase the character sheets, the different card types, and a duel about to happen with two characters well equipped.
Imported the image to Google Docs and added some text imaging for the title and the basic game information.
Maybe this will entice people to want to try a Print and Play game a little more than my general comments that I have been throwing out there, who knows.
Before I made this there was one kind person who has offered to playtest the game with his friends, I believe he lives in Minnesota... Thank you Jon!  Looking forward to seeing how your PnP game turns out, and the feedback that you give back.
See below for the ad...

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