Saturday, June 30, 2018

Friday Night Playtest

Playtests can be a daunting concept when playing with strangers at a local game store, but it can be very rewarding in different ways as well.
Tonight I had the chance to play LoN with the store owner, a complete stranger that was there for game night, and my son. We had a limited amount of time to play, so it created a rush through the game explanation and right into a learn by turn kind of game.  This playtest turned out to be quite fun, with high interaction with the players and some exciting moments for each player at the table.
There are some key learnings about managing Quest cards, Locatin rules, and a few small typos that can be corrected now also.
The concepts of the Location Guide vs Cards won out, and the expansion of the Character Sheet to include an XP tracker, special game cards,

I hope to do some more testing, probably on TTS, to get additional info about people’s thoughtd on the game.  So far things are looking to be moving ahead, and now there are some new aspects to to keep fine tuning.  The podcasts and articles are correct when they say that playtesting your game is the BEST way to develop it and work out the issues.  I'm looking forward to plenty more playtests over the summer, while developing an email list and potential followers for the game and the KS launch in the fall.

Also, check out the great new art piece by Andrea Butera, it is Asmakai, the Mindcrushing Demon.  He appears to have a mastery over magic, and a very confident look about him.  Nice work Andrea!

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