Sunday, June 3, 2018

Busy week in review

After some challenging discoveries and file managing, and about five to six hours worth of figuring it all out, Legends of Novus is now live on Tabletop Simulator (for self and friends only at this point).

I love the way the cards and map look in this digital format, and excited to playtest with some people over the coming weeks!

Also ordered the prototype of the game through GameCrafter, that will be awesome to get into my hands.

This past week involved a LOT of playing with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Trying to find ways to reach out into different groups that might be most interested in a game like this.  Finding likes and followers is not easy, and I want to make sure that the content I send out is someone appealing, either its content or its visual.

Things seem to be on track for my timelines, as all cards are now set, and the milestones achieved above are important to the progress of the game and my company.  So.. Whats next?

-Playtest the game on TTS with friends and strangers before allowing public to use
-Wait for the physical game to be delivered, then plan a date for the local game store to do some playtesting (Pandora's Boox & Tea)
- Develop my pre-Legends game, it needs to be something that plays in 15-20 minutes, costs less than $20 for backers, and showcases some good art but limited in quantity to be affordable.  The success of one game will make a big difference in Legends success

The fun of developing and planning continues, but I am highly engaged and absolutely LOVE spending as much time as I can in this field.  My 20 years in retail, combined with my 30 years in fantasy and gaming, could be an interesting merge this year!

Pic is a glimpse of the completed Tabletop Simulator setup.

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