Sunday, June 17, 2018

Duel of the Dragons

Decided on a title for the Microgame, Dragon vs Dragon seemed a bit corny so I am going with Duel of the Dragons.  Helped quickly identify what the game is about, and sounds entertaining as well in my opinion.

About 20 people are testing it out, but no major feedback just yet.  I am very interested in fleshing out the abilities and the statistics and would like to get this one printed and sent to reviewers in July if I can get it worked out right.

Not 100% sure if the contest is the right way to go, as then I would lose all publishing rights to it and would only collect funds if the contest runner sold copies of it...  Would prefer to strike it out on my own with a very limited print run and minor KS campaign.  It would help get my feet wet in understanding how to run a KS campaign, and how to do personal shipping (as I would expect the number of backers to be less than 100 with the image/content the game has).

I am only planning on providing 4 unique pieces of art in the game, 4 dragons provided by a talented digital artist, Nicula Mircea, for a very fair price.  The combat cards will be very generic, allowing for minimal cost for me and thus minimal cost for the potential backers.

I have no idea if I should bother with any extra tiers for funding as I don't think it would be necessary for what I am trying to accomplish, but will have to think on it.

Exciting no matter how it turns out!

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