Thursday, June 7, 2018

So many options

When I first started into this game design venture back in February my entire thought was to get one game out to people that I felt would be a fun adventure in a fantasy setting.  Since then I've spent over 300 hours working on developing a game designer profile, betting a strong base game in place with Legends of Novus, creating a business bank account and website, and developing my knowledge through articles, podcasts, and interactions with others.
It has been a fun and intense ride so far, and along the way I keep seeing other opportunities that are out there.  It is very difficult to not veer off track of my initial goal to pursue other things, such as mini games, card games, rpgs, etc.  There is so much out there that people want to play and invest in that the future is limitless.
I write all this to say that it is important to stay focused, to commit to 1-3 goals that you are truly committed to, in order for any of them to see success.  It is a principle from 4DX leadership, and pertains to game design just as easily.
So to clarify things for myself, and document a commitment I would like to pursue over the course of this year, I would like to complete 3 projects by the end of the year.  This is ambitious, considering I do this part time late at night with some additional hours on days off, but I feel it is important to have these broader goals above and beyond my week to week goals.

My most important focus is the further development, playtesting, marketing, and Kickstarting of this tabletop adventure game that I think will be well received once it hits the market.

A startup game, with a simple base mechanic that is very strategic, covered in a fantasy theme with a comical element to it.  The title is for concept only, something more compelling will come up!

3 - 5e WORLD BOOK, Based on Legends of Novus locations, creatures, and history.  I think having this in tandem with the tabletop game could be a very interesting pair of items for the tabletop players out there that enjoy RPGs and Tabletop games, and could help cross people over into both.

As for dates, I will insert those at a later time.  The important thing to start with was identifying my "Wildly Important Goals" for the year, WIGS, as part of my 4DX identification process.  These 3 products will become the basis of what FunDaMental Games is, a core understanding of the fantasy world its products will be developed in, and that it is about fun & strategy intertwined in high fantasy worlds.

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