Sunday, June 10, 2018

Updating Goals

Its that time again, a self review of development and goal progress.  Back in mid-May I had a few ambitious targets.  Many of them were achieved, but then I did some card adjustments again that set me back at least a week.  Sometime that happens, and all we can do is accept, learn, adapt, and forge ahead.
As of today 80% of the game is ready for a PnP, with just the Rewards and a few odds and ends left to update to new file system.
Tabletop Simulator is live, but I have only played alone so far, waiting for some playtests with closer acquaintances before testing it out in the deep vortex of the real world!

Today I spent some time educating myself about how to create an RPG world book.  I was trying to find a way to have an early KS game, and still want one, but I also did not want to back off from LoN as it is so important to build this brand for the introduction of what FunDaMental games is all about.

If I can find a way to create a world book that can adapt to 5e (DnD), and PathFinder I think it can really make its way out in the world as an exciting fantasy world, then grow as a boardgame also.  This may all be a pipedream, but to me its a fun one and gives my a destination for all the backstory I want to place into the boardame but can't due to space and business reasons.

Now it comes down to creating content, and applying art within said content, a creative endeavor that I am excited to walk down!

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