Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Original Novus Creatures

One of the things players love to see is originality in a game and theme.  When designing Legends of Novus I knew that traditional tropes would be prevalent in the game, IE Fighter, Priest, Dragon, Skeleton, etc.  Part of the fun of creating a fantasy game is being able to rely on these familiar classes and creatures for players to be attracted to and feel comfortable.  And in many of the articles/podcasts it is highly encouraged to develop games in genres and settings you are familiar with.  For me that is Fantasy settings.
Now that a lot of those core pieces are in place, I felt it was necessary to have some original pieces for the game.  This is the first of those pieces.
The Roaming Eyeclops is a creature created at the time of the Maelstrom, and embodies the magical energies created by it.  It is reminiscent of other big eye creatures (such as a beholder), but is different enough to be unique to Novus.
Andrea took a simple sketch provided and brought it to life in a clear and exciting way.  Collaboration and creativity with your artist can go a long way to your games image, and I hope what we are doing with this creature, and hopefully a few more, creates an exciting world for the future players.

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