Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Its almost time to Kickstart!

Well, I've been working at two games for some time now, as you may see if you go through the chain of Blog posts.
In terms of time, it is actually very short compared to many game designers out there.  I am not sure if I have "put in more time" than any of them, but time is a matter of perception as it is based on productive and useful time.
Either way, it is almost time to Kickstart!  I've got the core design of the KS campaign keyed in now, with some cool images, identified reward tiers, and 4 levels of stretch goals.  In addition are the Gameplay video, the How to Play images, and a why to back entry.
Still need to create the actual Project Video, for that I need to spend some time playing with the photoshop video tool and find a way to make it visually appealing and still describe the game in less than two minutes.

For this game I want to do all of that stuff on my own, both for budgeting reasons and to really immerse myself in understanding how easy/difficult each of the tasks are.  Then when I go to prepare Novus I will know what I feel comfortable and capable of doing myself, and what I will need to reach out to others for.  With Novus, being a higher cost game with more components, it will also have a higher markup and can allow for additional expenses.

The long hours, the endless social media stream reading and participation, the need to remember Instagram posts and FB entries, watching out for BoardGameGeek, and then the designing itself is all very time consuming.  And then finding time to playtest and get others interested as well... so time consuming!

Fair warning to any aspiring game designers out there, you need to LOVE this hobby and this creation in order to keep up with it all!

The pic below is just an insert in the KS campaign story.  Much easier to modify those vs using the KS entry program.

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