Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The old fashioned way

Reaching out through social media, email, and video contact are all great methods to gain backers, and proven to work.
Today I made a commitment to send true physical letters to various game store  companies close to home, and some far South as well.  This was to help  get my business cards out to game stores prior to a KS release, and to develop relations and awareness with those businesses.
It is a small gesture, but with the direct letter and the business card included, with mention of why KS is important and how the money would be used, I do think its an important one.

I will send an update once I can determine how many people may have used the litter.  If sending out 40 letters means even 5 of them back the first project, then it is a worthwhile investment on creating and printing the letter.

The letter is below...

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