Sunday, August 5, 2018

After Effects

Just when I thought I had most of what I needed to know under control, recently I discovered After Effects.
A fellow game designer (Chris Miles, Necromagis), showed me his KS video featuring distorted images / animations derived from his personal art for his cards and it looked fantastic.
My plan to keep it really simple was tossed aside, as I realized if I could spend a few days or a week figuring out this program I could truly amp up the KS video for Duel of the Dragons.
Nicula's art for the dragons is pretty awesome, so finding a way to animate them just a bit could gain a few more backers that are into that kind of commercialization.
And its fun to bring art to life!  A little frustrating at first trying figure it out, but still very cool.

I played around with the demon from Legends of Novus to test out some of the capabilities, and it is pretty awesome!

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