Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Another travelling adventure, another game idea

In one of the many podcasts I've listened to over the past few months it mentioned how game ideas can come to you completely unexpectedly, when you had not plans or intentions to do so.
Yesterday was the perfect example of that.  For months I have been working on three different game concepts, and a potential RPG world, and that was plenty to keep my mind active and ideas churning out into the laptop and real life.
I don't have the time or ability to work on yet another game idea right now, but for some reason one struck me yesterday while walking along some paths in Radium BC.  The concept itself has been done many times over, but the mechanics and structure of the game I believe would be unique.
I spent an hour or two late into the evening writing thoughts on it into my notes app, not wanting to forget the idea.
So for now it will be put aside, but I think it may have great potential so it is likely something I will come back to after Dragons and Novus are brought to life.

Here is what I had typed into the notes app, just as an example of how suddenly an idea can spring to mind:
Spell book Game, or Duel of the Wizards

A fantasy Deck Building dueling card game

Different spell group cards drafted during Stage 1 of play, players will each draft a 30 Card deck out of the 90 cards in the game

Play out card combinations with the deck you build during Stage 2 of play

The last 30 cards are used for Stage 3, somehow playing differently than stage 2

Stage1 - Studying
Each player gets 10 random cards. They get the chance to look at them, then place face down as the beginning of their spell book.  These cards may help determine what kind of cards or strategy you use to pick your next 20 cards. 
Next 6 cards are laid out in between the 2 players. Players take turns choosing 1 card from the 6 piles (then replace it from the top of the deck) OR drawing a card from top of deck. You may not draw from the deck 2 turns in a row. This happens until each player has 30 total cards in their decks. 
Shuffle the decks and proceed to Stage 2. 

Stage 2 - Spell Duel
Each player draws 6 cards from their drafted decks.
They each choose 3 cards and place them facedown in front of them, then reveal them at the same time. Follow the rules card for how this plays out. The winner of the round takes the three cards and puts them to the side as one Victory Point. 
Then they each draw 3 cards and repeat the process. Once the deck is out of cards play out the remaining cards.
This results in 10 total rounds of spell battle.  It is possible that one player could win the game at this point (if they have more than 10 VPs already then the opponent could not possibly win the game). 

Stage 3 - Endgame 
With the 30 remaining cards from Stage 1 deal 15 to each player. 
Players look at their fifteen cards and sort them into five sets of three cards, setting each face down in front of them.   Line them up with the opponents five sets of cards. 
Flip each set of cards over and compare to the opponents three cards. The winner earns a VP. 

The 5 Fields of Magic are:

Illusion - cloud - Blue
Evocation - fireball - Red
Necromancy - skull - Black
Conjuration - claws - Green
Abjuration- shield - White

Card types:
12x Each of the five Magic School Cards  - Just a symbol for the school of magic, with a 1 or 2 or 3 on it (3 cards are 1, 6 cards are 2, and 3 cards are 3)
1x Each Magic School Card, an ability Card. 
5x Dispel Magic - Wins a round automatically.  If both players have a Dispel they cancel each other out. 
5x Enhancement - Adds +2 to any school of magic. 
5x Knowledge - Worth an extra VP if acquired. 
5x Multiplier - Doubles the value of your cards when played
5x Negate - Removes one of opponents cards from the round, if both players have a Negate they cancel each other out.  A Negate can cancel a Dispel Card.  

Bonus ability Cards
Illusion - Change a Basic Magic Card to symbol of your choice (either player)
Evocation - 
Necromancy - Swap this Card with any Card from the Void
Conjuration - Place on the table, add +1 to your total each turn until they reveal 3 Evocation or Illusion
Abjuration - Place on the table, subtract 1 from opponents total each turn until they reveal

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