Sunday, August 26, 2018

Updating Timelines

It has been some time since I reflected on my game development timelines, so now is the time...

What is done now:
  • Legends of Novus V3 Prototype... The game is fully playable in its current form, but very expensive to order individual units (approx. $80 USD plus shipping).  Next goal for this game (other then constant playtesting as time permits) is to demo it at FallCon on Sep 22nd
  • Duel of the Dragons is basically complete, with some finessing that could be done on Dragon abilities to balance out the power.
  • Both games registered on Boardgame Geek
  • Table booked for FallCon2018
What needs to be done
  • An important thing to work on for Novus is its Solo mode.  It is a proven, growing trend that I would be better able to serve players in if I could make this as an option.
  • Need to complete a How to Play video for Dragons and include in Kickstarter presentation
  • Finish the base video as well, including a brief introduction as myself and the company.
  • Send out personal letters with business cards.  This could be the key to initial backers as a personal touch, with a physical business card provided as well.
  • So much more than just the above, but the list is actually quite long if we actually 

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