Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Updated Box Art / Sell Sheet

After some edits and feedback I have updated the Back of the Box image for Legends of Novus.
Now it shows more recent card/gameboard files as well as component counts updated.

Still trying to come up with a slogan that makes people understand the differences in this game vs other fantasy games, something worthy of printing on the front of the box and using as the games "tag line".... really not sure what to go with at this time.

Today the Facebook site just hit 50 Followers!  After 6 months of development, image sharing, playtesting, and learning this is big accomplishment for such a new project.  The power of multiplication may start impacting the site (kind of like Instagram exceeding 300 followers now).  If each of the 50 followers had just one contact join in the next month then the count would exceed 100 (from other new joiners as well).
I am trying to showcase the game concerts and art in FB sites, Twitter, IG, and other avenues and hope this helps grow grow grow the following.

The next step is personal letters with business cards and sample game cards included.  This is a more expensive avenue, but the physical feeling of having a personalized letter, a shiny business card (with metallic sword finish ;), and a few sample game cards could convince game stores / owners to join the group, and may help gain KS backers as well.  So over the next few weeks I plan to create a list of game companies across US and Canada, create some letters, and plan to mail out by mid September asking them to join the FB group and the mailing list.

The game design battle continues!

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