Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Power of a Card

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to order some official business cards.
Originally I was just going to print them with each game order, and have them as poker cards.  Then one night I decided to look at a business card website and discovered a few benefits to purchasing from them.  The reasons are as follows:
  • Cost per card, even with embellishments, turned out to be cheaper than buying from GameCrafter or Drivethru cards.  It was $48 Canadian after taxes and shipping.  The other sites would be that price before shipping.
  • The embellishments allowed me to have a nice sheen on the front and a flat finish on the back.  This was ideal for highlighting my company logo/info while making the back of the card easier to read.
  • Vista had the option for a metallic finish on whatever parts of my card I wanted.  My logo happens to have a sword as a key component of it, which was the perfect place for a metallic finish.  I was very pleased with the finished result, which can be seen in the attached vido.
  • Giving out a business card at a con/event is handy as it actually fits in a wallet, instead of getting tucked into a game box and possibly never seen again.
  • Business cards are more commonly accepted with professionals as well, and is a great way to send out via mail to game companies.  Many business owners keep a business card folder and a poker card would not work there.
I am hoping these help gain some attention and make people look twice at the potential my game, and my company, will offer in the future.  Still a ton of time, labour, and investment will be needed to make this company work, but I am determined to make it a success (even if a minor one)!

Thanks for reading, hope you like the card!

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