Thursday, July 19, 2018

Duel of the Dragons Logo

Well, being part of many Facebook Groups opens up discussion and opportunity.  In this case there was a simple post from an aspiring designer looking to design logos for boardgames.  I thought it was time to get a logo for my little cardgame, and although I could have spent days of laborious research and personal effort trying to design something I might like, I thought I would give this guy a chance.
His name is Taylor Ruddle, and he was willing to give a decent price to do the logo, knowing it might soon be on KS and that he would have his name mentioned as the logo artist.
After some back and forth discussion, a few sketches, and then some post sketch suggestions we were able to agree on a pretty solid looking image that I think represents the game well.
I have posted the logo and cardback images across Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and multiple FB groups to get opinions.  Be cautious when doing this, and strap on your best armor because people will be honest if they really don't like your ideas and images.
The logo is good, and the cardback was pretty decent in my opinion.  Out of about 60 respondents there were only 3 or 4 totally against the concept, the rest seemed positive about it with 45 of them choosing one specific cardback which really solidified that as an option for the game.
Taylor was able to tweak a little bit, and provide the words separate from the image for better usage of his work in social media and KS later on.
The end result I am quite please with, so here you are with my second game logo (Legends of Novus being my first).

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