Sunday, July 15, 2018

Building Followers

Out of everything I have been doing for game design so far, building a following has been the most challenging.  My time for social media is limited, as is my ability to read others rules, playtest others games, or get involved in real life.
I am relying on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit but feel I have a long way to go to be able to succeed with a full KS.
I should be getting some Drivethru Cards decks this week and if the quality is fair then I plan to order up five games worth of cards which I will build playstest games with to send to some of the more well known reviewers out there.  This is costly, but I think its important if I want the game to succeed.  People want to know a game has potential, they have so many options and need to know if they are worth paying for.
I have found it is easiest to get followers on Instagram, as pictures say a thousand words and files are easily viewable without committing to anything.  With 230 followers right now I am going to try a few Facebook ad redirects to see if I can build my FB group from 35 to become over 100.  Once it is over 100 I would feel a little better about game interest for KS launch.  They do suggest over 500 but as a first time game designer I am not certain that is going to happen.

The other way to build up is through my Dragon card game.  That one I plan to launch soon without reviews/feedback just to see how that is received.  The next week will be about designing an eye catching and informational Kickstarter page/videos that may cause an impulse buy at a low price point.  If I can get even 100 backers on Dragons I could push those out within 2 months and then start building a game developer following as well.

Vacation is over, both for work and game design, time to forge ahead and build this company up!

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