Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Kickstarter Campaign Creation

Finally decided to dig in and figure out how to create a Kickstarter Campaign page.  I have toyed around with it a bit before, but now I am formally designing the layout for Duel of the Dragons.
The options within the site are fairly limited, and sometimes glitchy, so if anyone out there is working on one of these get yourself familiar and plan out your pages at least a few weeks in advance of your planned launch!
I am finding that the easiest way to do it is by creating pages with art/text on Photoshop and then exporting as JPEGs to install directly into the app.  The actual KS editor has very few options for font/style so this opens it up significantly.
The other critical thing to consider is the Reward tiers and the Stretch goals.  I have not formally decided either of them, but have to get my act together and finalize them soon.
Its great to have some game specific art I can call my own, as well as a logo specifically for my game.  These will be significant when it comes to displaying the pages and in promoting the launch outside of KS!
The landing page is the one page people will see the most, and its image will decide if a potential backer clicks to learn more about the game.  So far I've created a couple of iterations, and the below is the simple but eye catching landing page/project image I think is best for this game....

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