Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vacation Week

Every once in a while one needs to take a break from the hustle and bustle of full time employment, and this is that time.  I am off for 9 days to travel and hike in the Alberta Rockies, mainly in the Jasper National Park area this time.
I am attending, Emcee, and Best Man for a wedding, and seeing how it’s my first time this should be interesting. Hope I do my good friend John Rocha a hosting to be thankful for!
But even with travelling, hikes, family fun and adventure I still think it’s important to keep some daily attention to my new game company and developing games. To do this I have made sure to stay active on Instagram, FB, Reddit, and Twitter. I find Instagram the easiest to earn followers, and FB the hardest. The posts and articles all suggest needed at least a few hundred FB followers before launching a Kickstarter, so that is my focus. Finding ways to make people interested in joining (rather than trying to buy ads that attract followers). It’s great when you work hard to find some new followers by discussion and interaction, as then you know there is a higher chance of conversion to backers when the time comes.
To have some fun I’ve been taking some fun shots of the Wizard Meeple from LoN in scenic Jasper locations. Can’t seen to load a pic on my mobile, but will add a later date!

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