Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Its GameCrafter Prototype Time!

All of the core pieces are in place... so close to printing a fun trial copy of the game with all of its core cards and pieces, in the new cardframes.
The game still has plenty of playtesting and polishing to do, but this will be a huge step for the Image of the game when discussing and promoting on social media and through game store interactions.
This game will probably cost close to $100 once shipping is included, but I feel the investment is worth the cost to see the potential future game in a solid state rather than locally printed prototype cards in magic sleeves with posterpaper gameboard.

Hoping to have the submission finalized within a week, then should get the physical copy of the game by the end of June.

Just one more step in the journey, then behind the scenes there will still be changes to gameplay/stats/abilities as well as new art contributions, so a second printing will take place before an official Kickstarter video is made...

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