Sunday, May 6, 2018

My First Logo!

With the upcoming contests, the need to develop a more visual rulebook, and for FB groups/etc it is critical to have an eye catching game name logo with potential for longevity and the ability to be  easily recognized.
My first idea was not great, just some basic text/symbols.  With some advice from online, and from my lead artist, I was able to alter it and create something I believe is a bit more aligned with what a logo should be...
Simple, recognizable, and hopefully one day Iconic in the board game world.  The words LEGENDS OF is small, but important, leading into the world name, Novus.  Novus is cracked and worn down, representing the damaged and fragile world it has become with the Maelstrom.  The parchment background reminds people of an older, medieval time.

Also created a Facebook page to help showcase game art, and the iconic symbols that will be present in the game...

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