Sunday, May 13, 2018

200 hour Estimate

I thought I would reflect back on how much time has been invested in this Game Design project of mine so far...
Looking back this all began on Feb 16th 2018, doesn't seem like that long ago.  It began with an hour here, an hour there, some work on my days off.  Maybe 24 hours spent in February.
In March I was ramping up, trying to make every card, source free or borrowed art, make my own odd card design.  I spent more time where I could, so averaged about 2 hours per day.  Another 62 hours.
In April I found that my original design would not be good enough, and I was developing other avenues to Game Design, such as website creation, FB groups, and working with an Artist partner.  This upped the time I spent per day related to this game design to about 2.5 hours per day.  That was another 75 hours at least.
It is now May, and when I can manage it I spend 3 hours or more each night working on this (or even if its not 3 hours, I am regularly checking my email, FB account, and other things related to learning/understanding/developing in this world).  That adds up fast, already at least 33 hours this month.

That means, just based on averages, I would be at 194 hours.  There are some mornings off or days off that I have spent 3-4 hours working on this as well, which easily tops the 200 hour mark since I began.

I won't divulge my earnings on this blog, but in a position such as mine with the company I work for the earnings are pretty fair.  So lets say I were to make $50 per hour (again not quoting my payrate, just putting a round figure out there), that means that I would have invested $10,000 in labour hours into this game and my self-learning and future customer awareness communications already.

WOW... that happened fast.  200 hours, $10,000 of time, 3 months.  I don't see myself reducing time invested into the game anytime soon, still have the entire Rewards file to redux, a gameplay video to create, player reminder cards, redux of the gameboard, personal playtesting and LGS testing, and then a new PnP option to email blast about again.  That will all take a ton of time...

This process is fun, and amazing but it requires an extreme amount of time, dedication, and desire to commit to.  I am committed... this game IS going to get made in some way/shape/form.  I have faith that once it is ready, and once it makes the Kickstarter pages, it is going to get backed in a significant manner.  The card design is sleek, the gameboard looks like it will be stunning, the lead artist has amazing and detailed artwork, and the game truly immerses you in a fantasy adventure world.

First, before I get too excited and proud, comes the game design challenge.  Should know by Friday if I make the cut to round 2, and if so that means the game has a chance!  By the time that hits I will have spent another 15-20 hours game designing.

This blog is distracting me though, lol.  Time to cut this post discussion and get back to game work!

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