Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Self Check-In

It's been a few weeks, time to check in to see if I am on time with my personal deadlines...

By end of April 2018 - Creatures reformatted to new design... I have about ten left to do, so those will be done by end of day tomorrow. Achieved!!

By May 1st - Also finish Sell Sheet and submit my Game Design to BGDL for the contest.  Achieved!!

By May 10th - All Classes reformatted to new design - Achieved! May 7th

By May 15th - All Location cards reformatted to new design - Did NOT Achieve ... worked on other card formats instead...  Revising date

By May 30th - All Reward cards reformatted to new design - Achieved!  May 15thth

By June 15th - All Adventure cards reformatted to new design - Achieved - May 12th

And now for new timelines, have to keep these personal time goals going as a self-motivation tool and keep a sense of accomplishment going.

May 16th - Visit with local game store owner to plan out overview video and discuss some gameplay aspects
By May 20th - New Map Inserted into the Rulebook, with Map trails/location symbols overlaid
By May 21st - All Location Cards to be completed in new design
By May 21st - Complete 5 minute introduction/overview video
By May 25th - Submit Game Rules/Video to BGDL Contest and FallCon Contest

By May 31st - ALL cards converted to printable PDF sheets (9per sheet)
Begin re-communications with Print and Play fans to test the game out again (including local and Calgary/Red Deer areas)

There will be other things in between those milestones, but that is the core of where I would like to be by the end of the month.

Here is a quick comparison of cards, basically the initial card concept via Magic Set Editor, then my Inkscape card design, then the fusion of my Artist's ideas with my game concept for a finished potential format (for a creature anyhow)...

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