Monday, May 21, 2018

Game Awareness

It appears awareness of the game, and the art, is growing thanks to the use of the Instagram account.  Still small scale, but going from nobody being aware of it to having 38 followers is pretty cool.  And the interesting thing about Instagram is that as you get contacts, they tend to share info/pics as well and thus the effort to grow from 0 to 10 might take a while, but then 10-30 is faster, and 30-50 should be faster still, and so on.

This is all provided that the pics I share are quality, and relate to the hashtags/groups it gets tagged in.

Regardless, it is coming along slowly.  Most interesting is that a number of kickstarter files have followed it, which is important down the road for the KS launch!

Tomorrow is game video summary day, will be exciting to get that filmed and set as part of website/digital content for future interest and advertising!

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