Friday, October 19, 2018

The Waiting Game

I'm not sure if there is anything more frustrating in game creation than waiting for approvals and shipments from manufacturers.
I have been stuck waiting to see the final card products from DTC before ordering the 60 decks required to fulfill all KS orders, and it feels like it takes forever!
As soon as that comes in then Duel of the Dragons will be submitted, with hopes of receiving all decks by mid November.
The funding from KS appeared in my bank yesterday so the process only too about 16 days from end of funding to receiving the funds, not bad!

Now the final decision to ship out games in bubble envelopes flat packed will come to the test soon.  Really depends on how the Post Office will feel about its weight and how it is described.  The tests I had done pre-KS had the costs between 3-5 dollars, but the post office may challenge that based on the inner contents.

In the meantime, I am working on KS pages and new card graphics for LoN to give it a more Artsy vibe to the game (instead of the structured/boxed look originally used).  This new look is getting much better feedback from groups/individuals, so will likely stick with this one.

Also trying to grow the FB group to exceed 100 members.  It is a challenge as people generally don't want to add yet another group to their updates/pages, but I am hoping the content of my posts shows enough to grab fantasy lovers attention and want to join and see more.

A good chat with Panda Games took place on Thursday as well, helped clarify questions I had on costs, timelines, fulfillment minimums, etc.  Decided from that convo alone that miniatures are too pricey to venture into with in my first few games...

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