Monday, October 8, 2018

KS Fulfillment Begins and Planning for LoN next year

It has only been 12 days since my first KS ended, and funds have not been sent to my account yet but I have promised my backers a short turnaround for delivery (to have in time for Christmas).  Backers have been very positive and responsive to surveys and emails, which makes my role as a game fulfiller quite a bit easier.
Duel of the Dragons is quite a small game and is very easy to modify card images/graphics at the printers demand.  I have probably adjusted files at least ten times in the past three weeks based on manufacturer needs as well as personal edits.  I can picture this being very frustrating if this were a larger game with multiple non-card components (such as Legends of Novus).
For this very reason I plan to have conversations with a mass producer this week to discuss exactly what file types/sizes/timelines they would have in order to manufacture Legends of Novus in the most efficient manner they can, with as little editing as possible next year.
I am very excited to bring that project to life, but am also trying to balance my time with completing Duel of the Dragons, and even devoting time to yet another game creation based on some inspiration I had recently.
I did not want to get started on another project, but once it got in my head I was afraid to ignore it and let the inspiration dissipate.  It would be a card based game again, this time with player tiles, gemstones, and tokens as components.  It would take longer to play the DotD, but less time and less complications with creation than LoN.
I actually spent two nights over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend designing prototype cards on InDesign, printed them, and used a paper cutter to get them to size.  Playtested two games so far and will be working out some kinks, then will reach out to fans of Print and Plays to see if they want to give the game a whirl.
Later this week LoN will get creature file updates, and I will be revisiting the game board design to allow less "dead" space on board and be easier for players to navigate.

Hard to believe I have been working on game design for over 7 months now!  Such an interesting and fun hobby, not just for designing but also for playing.  In fact, just got Castles of Burgundy as a Birthday gift a few days ago and spent 4 hours playing it to see what the experience was all about and why it is so highly ranked.  I enjoyed the game, albeit a bit long to play, and am sure after a few more plays I will glean some great game design insight from it!

Time to devout some more time back to Novus though, as I would like to spend a substantial amount of time making a Playthrough video, an animated Kickstarter video using real game artwork, and gather feedback and adjust the game if needed based on blind playtests planned for this month.

Here is a screenshot of the latest game prototype, tentatively named Spellbook'd.

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