Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Re-revised Card Designs

After multiple posts through IG, FB, Twitter, and Reddit I have redesigned the Creature cards for Legends of Novus several times.  Each iteration in time consuming to edit/change the cards, even though most share the base template it still requires effort to tweak text size, icons, and image sizes.

I believe, after about 10-12 revisions since the game started, I may have found a design I want to stick with.  The main issue this creates is that the rest of the cards are in a different style, not as focused on the art as it is on the text/values of the cards.
This will take some time playing around with to see what the best way to manage this is.  Do I redesign ALL the cards, are have the two different graphic styles?

I think putting out more posts with concept ideas is the best way to figure this out.  So many great gamers and designers/publishers out there that seem happy to give their valuable opinions.  Their responses may require me to redesign those cards as well, but everything is worth it to deliver a game people enjoy looking at and interacting with.

Here is the latest version, and most likely final, for Creatures...

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