Monday, September 3, 2018

Novus Playtest Kit

The time has come to ship out a playtest kit of Legends of Novus to playtesters and reviewers that have taken an interest to the game.
First I am sending the kit to GameSmiths Playtesting group, a pay to play group that I used back in April of this year.  The reason I am using them again is the content they provide is fantastic, detailed, visual, and fun.  It is in the form of three youtube videos (Rules review, Gameplay, and Design Feedback).
Once they have played the game it will then be shipped off to a few different hardcore gamers/groups to test out.  I hope to get their feedback through some messenger chat, and maybe a Google Survey as well for some specific questions.
Right now the game, in my humble opinion, is fun, challenging, and balanced enough to allow exciting games for players.  This round the continent shipping and playing will help see if the game is broken in some significant way that I have not yet discovered.

Hope it goes well!  But even more importantly, I hope it finds the flaws that need correcting before making plans for a major KS launch and production!

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