Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Trying to increase exposure to your games, and your game company, can be very challenging in a digital world so full of options to the gamers of the world.  In many posts and articles I have read about mailing lists, as I talked about last post when I started a mailchimp account.
Its one thing to make an email subscription list, its another thing to have people actually want to join it.  People need a reason to look at your games, and a reason to join yet another email subscription.  It is up to the game designer / publisher to create that incentive.
One popular incentive is to have a giveaway that will interest your target audience, in my case that would be fellow game designers and game players.  I decided to purchase a few extra copies of my upcoming cardgame Kickstarter and offer one as a giveaway prize to a random email subscriber of mine.
This helps drive traffic to the email subscription while also advertising the KS and the game.  One lucky subscriber will also win the game, getting it out into another random gamers hands.  After promoting this giveaway on Instagram, FB, and Twitter it helped bring about 40 new email subscribers to my account.  While this is a small number, it is a start and creates a base group to share news/updates every couple of weeks about what my company is working on for game design and future production.
As the list builds I will provide an update on this post for those that are interested.

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