Friday, February 23, 2018

The Beginning

I have been tabletop gaming since my early teenage years, beginning with 2nd Edition "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons."  I have played more games than I can remember, with my favorites being DnD and MTG.
I have created and played my own board games with my kids over the past few years, including a Marvel Superheroes game, a Smurf game, Home-Brewed MTG decks to match my kids interests, and even a Star Wars card adaption to apply to Crokinole.

On Friday February 16th I went to my local game store with my stepson to play some Standard Friday Night Magic.  There were not enough players that night, so instead we ended up playing an assortment of their free to play games they keep for their patrons.

I played a few card based games that gave me an idea that I was very surprised had not yet been created.  I've searched the internet, including Reddit, Board Game Geek, and specific searches for games that matched this idea and haven't come across any, so until I do I am hoping this game concept is somewhat unique and will be of great interest to game and fantasy lovers of all ages.

Basically the concept is a Card-only version of DnD (or Diablo for those of you that are very video game focused).  It will be a 2 to 4 player game where each player gets a Card-Template character sheet to place the items and equipment they will gather throughout the game.  Unlike other DnD table top games, there are NO miniatures, NO excessive dice, NO writing stats/hit points.  Its all on the Cards, with a simple Battle dynamic and a strong gameplay tempo that will have games taking only 20-30 minutes to play a round.
Every game will be different, with exciting moments of Events, combinations of Equipment, and different Class cards to experiment with.  The game has a ton of potential just on its own, as well as room for expansion sets further on (or divergent series with different themes such as Space Adventure, CyberPunk, etc).

I am starting this Blog to track the steps I take towards building the concepts, cards, templates, and art it will take to be able to launch this game.  Not certain yet if it will become a self-published indie game through Kickstarter type-support, or if I will attempt to involve a national publisher for mass marketing... But before that can happen I have to get a solid prototype put together and tested.

I look forward to building onto this Blog throughout the creation process, and perhaps one day looking back after a successful launch to remind myself, and potential game fans, of how this game began.

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