Friday, February 23, 2018

Recruiting my first partner

After planning and creating the first four days, then playtesting the core ideas, I thought I would share some thoughts with a long time friend and gaming opponent, John Rocha.
John has much more knowledge about programming, software, online communications, and other things I honestly have no clue about.
I know from my work history that nothing great can be accomplished alone, you need people there to support you, whether it is constant and directly or from a distance and in the background.
This effort to produce a game of clarity and quality is important to me, and I knew his advice and help could go a long way to making the game better, and more efficiently, than stubbornly trying on my own.
I've already reached out to him a few times for support on where to find info about potential game infringement, what software to develop cards and art on, and what place has a decent free website service.
Thank you John for joining me in this exciting quest to build Champions of Kearth!

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