Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Learning about Game Design

I thought I should mention that, in my efforts to understand what it is I am undertaking, I am heavily involving myself in a self-study of Game Design.  Specifically board game, but any game design concepts can help.
There are broad level concepts I have read about, such as the overall principles of Game Theory, and more specific concepts I've browsed through on the web.  You don't truly appreciate how much there is to learn until you've started to explore what is out there to learn.
So far I have read articles, watched you tube videos, browsed through Forums (such as, and most recently I've started listening to podcasts from game creators who share their roadblocks, suggestions, successes, and complete failures.
One podcast I found I am liking is the Board Game Design Lab, as they have discusses general concepts and specific games in a casual yet engaging manner.
If you are planning on developing your own game make sure to take steps to educating yourself on the process and theories.  I have a ton to learn, and plan to take in all I can as free time allows.  I hope to apply the learnings throughout my game design journey as I attempt to bring Heroes: Champions of Kearth to life.
Check out the podcast website if you want to start learning today...

Board Game Design Lab

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