Friday, February 23, 2018

Template Cards

In order to figure out how a game is going to work, you need simple templates to test the game concept.
I am a visual person, particularly when it comes to fantasy games, I love to SEE what it is I am trying to experience (or when I was a DM for DnD I loved to draw examples of what the players would be seeing with their characters).
I decided to use the excellent and easy to use card editor called Magic Set Editor, it is so fast and easy to design professional looking cards that truly explain the game concept (rather than handwritten card and sticky notes).
It took a few long nights putting them together, but once I had the core of the game idea in my head I could hardly wait to get it put onto cards.
As I was only in play testing mode I used random art from the internet to fill the card images, knowing they would need to be changed before any type of formal proposal (regardless of whether it was crowd funded or published by someone else).

I tested the game out with my 14yr old and 11yr old, and trust me that Christopher is probably the harshest critic you can find, with an amazing eye for detail.  He is also a Min-Max type of gamer, always mathematically searching for the best possible combination to achieve a victory.  That helped him find ways to "Break the Game", and thus showing me examples of what needed to be done to improve it.

Through the first ten games I found that the XP values were a bit off, the GP offerings needed to increase, and some of the Creature stats were a little underpowered.

It has only been a week now, but I believe the game is advancing to a point where I can start to expand my playtesting to others (be it friends, or local games store gamers).
Part of the purpose of this blog is to help protect my game idea, an online proof of when and how I plan to create the game in case the idea somehow gets taken by someone else that sees it in action.  VERY unlikely, I know, but it doesn't hurt to be a little cautious (not NDA and sign the dotted line cautious)

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