Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Joy of Helping Others

Over the past two weeks I decided to step back from focusing on my creations, and instead have been helping others in the hobby.
My Kickstarter launch date is June 25th, and there is still plenty to do, but I wanted to support some cool projects that were either on KS now or will be soon.
No charge, no commitment, just support from a fellow designer.
Some examples I have done include the following:
  • Frequent posts (10+ per day) on FB, and then bits on Twitter and IG.  Just joining in conversations in general game groups, and in design groups.
  • Creating Tabletop Simulator games for upcoming KS.  This included Minotaurus, Dungeon Brawler (funded), the Matching Game (not launched yet), and Legion (not launched yet).  Building their games, and testing them, has been pretty fun and educational for myself.
  • Playthroughs for many new games, including the above, and my favorite was for Untamed and The Goblin King is Angry.  I share these in FB groups to show people some of the cool games being designed by others.
  • Making mini promo videos to post on FB and IG
I can only hope these acts of kindness create some kind of karmic energy down the road, but even if they don't it has still been an educational experience on how to structure rulebooks and game card wording.
Feel free to checkout my videos on YouTube (Wes Woodbury).
Here is one example:

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